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Midnight Run  
Robert De Niro, Charles Grodin, 
John Ashton, Yaphet Kotto
Directed by Martin Brest 
Reviewed 01/11/01 

Robert De Niro is a great actor.  Yes, I'm sure you've heard it many times before but it is amazing the variations of character-types he can portray.  In Midnight Run he is a former cop turned bounty hunter.  De Niro, as you may have already guessed, is magnificent in this film.

Midnight Run which I have seen for the very first time just a day ago tells the story of a bounty hunter who gets a big job.  As opposed to his regular $1000-range job he gets offered $100,000 dollars for his next job.  He must find an accountant who was busted for stealing money and was out on bail.  The reason he must get him: the guy who put up the money for his release fears that he will be killed by a mafia boss of who the accountant stole the money ($15,000,000 which he gave to charity). Another thing: the FBI is also looking for this guy.  They warn De Niro's character not to pursue the case but he ignores them. So now, he must find an accountant who's whereabouts is unknown.  The same guy is also being hunted by the FBI and Chicago gangsters.  That, however, is not all.  De Niro's character was a cop in Chicago but was driven out by, guess who, the same mafia boss looking for the accountant.

De Niro gets to the guy before anybody else.  He brings the accountant, played by Charles Grodin, on a plane but he is scared to fly so they must take a train.  Then he runs into a rival bounty hunter who wants to bring the accountant in.  Dodging the FBI, the mafia and the other boutny hunter, De Niro and Grodin travel by all means to try to get back to Los Angeles.  Along the way comes the best part of the movie: the interaction between De Niro and Grodin.  Grodin's character is very cool always talking very calmly and acting as almost a therapist to De Niro's character who is edgy and grouchy.

Midnight Run I can say with ease is one of the best movies I have ever seen.  The acting by De Niro and Grodin was terrific.  The action sequences were good.  And the mix of some light comedy made it all the better.  Though the ending was not too difficult to figure out I enjoyed the character's more than the actual plot.

Blair Bass


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