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Man On The Moon  

Andy Kaufman (Jim Carrey)
George Shapiro (Danny DeVito)
Lynne Margulies (Courtney Love)
Bob Zmuda (Paul Giamatti)

Directed by Milos Forman Written by Scott Alexander and Larry Karazewski Rated R for language, sexuality, and nudity Running Time: 118 minutes Distributed by Universal
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Man on the Moon is a stable bio-pic of comic Andy Kaufman. Andy Kaufman (Carrey) was considered the most innovative, eccentric and enigmatic comic of his time. Man on the Moon follows the story of Andy Kaufman from beginning of his career to his tragic death. Strong relationships are also presented in the film between Kaufman and his manager, George Shapiro (DeVito), his girlfriend Lynne (Love), and his best friend Bob Zmuda (Giamatti). The film also presents the way Kaufman generated laughs, boos, tears, silence, controversy, and the mystery of his alter ego, Vegas lounge singer Tony Clifton.

Man on the Moon is a movie filled with talented actors and artistic direction. I am personally not a fan of Andy Kaufman. However, I didn't let this aspect affect me from viewing the film with an open mind. Man on the Moon is a good movie, just like Forman's previous film, The People vs. Larry Flynt. In which, I didn't care much for the real life character in that film either.

Milos Forman does an exceptional job directing Man on the Moon. Forman is a legendary filmmaker whose previous credits include: One who Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest and Amadeus. Forman is a visionary director that only produces maybe two or three films a decade, and every one of his movies are pretty good.

Jim Carrey is precise and outstanding as Andy Kaufman. Carrey's high-energy performance, which is paced by great emotion, is his best on-screen performance to date. When Carrey first broke into Hollywood with his comedic roles, I honestly thought that he would fade out as an actor. I was very wrong. With his performances in The Truman Show and in Man on the Moon, Jim Carrey has a beautiful gift. He is an actor that is so in depth with his characters. Carrey also controls incredible stamina with his turbulence of energy. My hat if off to Jim Carrey. I also thought that Danny DeVito did a super job as Kaufman's agent George Shapiro. DeVito just holds his own natural mood with the high towered Carrey.

I found most of the script by Scott Alexander and Larry Karazewski to be pretty true to the real life story of Andy Kaufman. However, I did find the script jumping very quickly through Andy's career from Taxi to Saturday Night Live, to Fridays and etc. I thought that script could have added maybe 20-25 minutes to explain more about Kaufman's career in comedy. Man on the Moon is a good movie that might bring in audiences. It is worth seeing just to see Carrey and DeVito work.

Report Card Grade: B

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