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1995 91 mins

dir - Kevin Smith

stars - Jeremy London - T.S Quint
Jason Lee - Brodie Bruce
Shannen Doherty - Rene Mosier
Jason Mewes - Jay Phat Buds
Kevin Smith - Silent Bob

I got the videos of Mallrats and Chasing Amy from LAB as promised and watched Mallrats last night and although it was definitely an improvement from the first time I watched it I still didn't think it was any good.

Brodie (Lee) and T.S (London) girlfriends have left them and they try to win them back with the help of Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) and Jay (Jason Mewes) with no hilarious consequenses whatsoever, there were a lot of lame attempts to make you laugh but they rarely worked.

I will watch Chasing Amy tonight and do a review tomorrow. According to LAB it isn't as good as Mallrats so it looks like I'm in for a treat.


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