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1998 83 mins

dir. Jim Abrahams

stars - Lloyd Bridges - Vincenzo Cortino
Jay Mohr - Anthony Cortino
Billy Burke - Joey Cortino
Christina Applegate - Dianne Steen

I was about to write that this was just your average bog standard spoof film but that would be unfair because thate are some quite funny ones out there. This one however was just plain monkey turd. The best joke was a Guess the number table being in a casino :

Croupier : "place your bets please" (punters proceed to put money on the number they think he will say)

Croupier : "sorry I was thinking of three"

If you've seen it you'll know what I mean (utter shit) and if your planning to watch it this has just spoilt the film so there is no need to watch it anyway.

P.S. Is Lloyd Bridges dead.


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