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Loves Labour Lost  

An example of a non Lazy DVD.

The only excuse you need to buy a DVD player! As always, the DVD edition is much superior. Not only is it letterboxed (and Branagh shot his delightful throwback musical in the grand full 2.35:1 widescreen format), but it also has deleted scenes and a making-of featurette. If you're still living in the VHS-past, perhaps this Holiday season is the time to treat yourself to the ever-widening world of DVD.

The transfer is crisp and it sounds terrific (though I don't have a high-end system, so take that for what it's worth). As for the extras:

Outtakes - 7:00 minutes of laugh-filled screw ups. I always imagined while watching the film that it must have been a joy to make. These giggling outtakes prove that conclusively. Branagh himself seems the one most susceptible to breaking out into uncontrollable laughter. It's nice to see as a footnote to this terrific movie.
Love's Labour's Lost
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Deleted Scenes - four excised scenes, totaling about 18:00 minutes! The most time is devoted to the pagent put on near the end of the story. Good stuff, but I see how the running time as is probably works best. It's nice to have them as a supplement anyway!

Making-Of Featurette - only 8:00 minutes long, but they cram some good stuff in there about how much intense (yet fun-filled) practice these mostly non-singing non-dancing non-Shakespearian actors had to go through before going in front of the cameras. Branagh talks about their comaraderie as being "bonded in a slightly-marked terror" at what someone else refers to as "musical-comedy boot camp". Brief, but good.

So, like I said, if you are still living in a DVD-less world, you are really missing out on some great stuff.

I do LOVE this movie so much. :)

Review by Holden Pike of The Movie Forum

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