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Love Matters  

Ok I must be honest I never actually watched the whole of this Movie. I just couldn't suffer it. After about half an hour of absolute tedium I HAD to stop watching. I couldn't even get to sleep while watching it it was just that bad.

"Starring" (not a word you could exactly use to describe this movie) Griffin Dunne it tells the story of thirty somethings bored with their partners and whining about it. And boy do they whine.

Now most Movies at least start out to show some interest and colour in their characters. Oh No, not this one they get going with the whining straight away. One character's husband hasn't came home in 3 days so she calls some friends. But which one of the friends does she speak to, the woman ? oh no she has to speak to the man. Like eh? Has this ever happened in the entire history of the human race.

Well do the couple not fall out over the rubbish advice he gives to the upset friend (who called at 2AM by the way) so they get all romantic. Well does he not go out into the garden and pick rose petals to strew all over the bed. Oh how romantic.

An but it gets better. The door bell rings just as they get started doing what couples are supposed to do in bed. Guess who is at the door. Yes its the upset friends husband. But even better he has a bit of stuff with him and he wants to stay the night at their house so he can have his wicked way with the bit of stuff.

Would you let him stay , would you heckerslike.

What really makes it utterly boring is the dialogue, it is so strained and stilted and plays almost like they have read it off of autocues it was so hammy.

At that point in the Movie it was really starting to annoy me big time so I had to switch over. I had absolutely no interest in watching anymore of it. Shame as far as I know this was the first appearance by Gina Gershon in a Movie.

If anyone has managed to sit through the rest of it please let me know. I would love to find out if it got any better. I dont hold out much hope though......

Tall Guy

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