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Love, Honour & Obey  

Now you would think a Movie starring such watchable actors as Jonny Lee Miller, Jude Law, Ray Winstone & Sadie Frost might be quite good wouldnt you ?

Well you'd be wrong in this case.

Right. where do we start? Oh yes they all use their real names in the movie apart from Rhys Ifans. Like why? Surely if you are going to do that then, they all use their own names, is it because he is Welsh and they have something against Welsh names? The reason apparently that they all keep their own names is so it helps them while they improvise, why can Rhys Ifnas manage then?

Another thing that is absolutely weird is a gang of them get dressed as Arabs, neck some Viagra and terrorise someone with their hard ons! Like come on , no thank you very much.

The script is extremely weak too, with most of the dialogue improvised by the actors while filming. This is a very dangerous tactic, it could have either worked wonderfully or in this case failed completely.

So to sum up this Movie (a BBC Movies production) it is a bit inept. Lets hope the third part of this supposed trilogy. (Part one being Final Cut) Is much better. But don't hold out much hope.

Tall Guy

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