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As Beck so famously says in his song "I'm a loser baby so why don't you kill me", well why didn't someone say that to the makers of this movie at the script stage and kill the project stone dead.

Loser stars Jason Biggs as a hick college student who moves to New York. But as you have probably guessed by the title already he's a bit of a loser and ends up being a bit isolated and staying in a vet's surgery. Yes, thats right, a vets surgery. Into the mix of this movie drops Mena Suvari, who I'm sure you can guess, is lusted after by. But she's having an affair with their english teacher played by Greg Kinnear.

Directing this movie is Amy Heckerling who previously directed Clueless and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. But she also directed drek like Look Who's Talking Too.
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Now it might have sounded like this movie could have been a lot of fun mixing in a bit of Clueless with American Pie'isms and a bit of Amercian Beauty quality as well. But not all we get is a lumpy stodge.

Suvari is annoyingly annoying throughout and has destroyed all the credibility she had from American Beauty, which is a complete shame.

Biggs is boring and shows little here to redeem him and the haircut he has, did he really agree to it for the movie?

And most at fault is Heckerling who seems to have forgotten how to direct since Clueless and smothers on layer upon layer of cliche.

Tall Guy

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