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The Little Vampire  

When you are a kid a lot of things scares you like the boogieman in the closet and vampires. The Little Vampire for 9 years old Tony (Jonathan Lipnicki) it’s not easy being 9 years old and living in a new country. Him and his parents Dottie (Pamela Gidley) and Bob (Tommy Hinkley) has just move from American to a small village in Scotland.

He is not having the best time of his life he get beat up by the bullies at his school and to make matter worst he has nightmare about vampires. He has no idea why he does he soon becomes so absorbed by them he stars studying every book he can on the subject. He soon meat a young vampire name Rudolph (Rollo weeks) who think at first Tony was of his kind but he finds out that he is not.
Little Vampire
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They soon become best friends and Tony finds out his friend problem. The problem is Rudolph and his family it looking for a special stone that will make all vampires in the world human again. The quest is on for the stone.

I usually do not do big review for kid’s films, because kids movie are made for the kids not old people like me. But I am a big kid (at heart) I enjoyed The Little Vampire it was a good kid film the kids and parents will like it even so they are couple of scary screens. But overall take the family and go see The Little Vampire parents and kids will like it.

© Paul Perkins

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