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Little Nicky  

The actor who is known to make bad movie that are usually funny as hell but the story is stupid is back. Adam Sandler who plays the title character name Little Nicky. He has a hard life he listens to rock music all day in his room. He has two older brother who beat him up all the time plus he has a speech problem.

But just like the tagline of the film says if your father was the devil and your mother was an angel you’d be mess up too. But his problems are has just started his father the devil (Harvey Keitel) is coming up to his 10,000-year adversity as the devil rule over the world. But he has changed his mind to give up his throne over to his oldest sons Cassius (Tommy “tiny” Lister jr) and Adrian (Rhys Ifans).
Little Nicky
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The two sons becomes so mad with their father they leave hell to go the earth to make the world a new hell. Their first target is New York City (that gonna be a hard thing to do). But because they left the gates of hell their father is starting to loose his powers and other thing. So the devil calls upon his youngest son Nicky to find his brothers and bring them back to hell. Before it too late for his dad but Nicky is going to see New York is one big city with a lot of thing going on and some interesting people.

Little Nicky should be called cameo Nicky there was a lot of cameo by other movies stars which kept Little Nicky funny and not a very stupid movie. Adam Sandler make a lot of stupid movies that are funny and box office success One of his best films is The Wedding Singer one of his bad movie is Little Nicky.

The Director is Steven Brill who made the Mighty Duck kids movies. He tried to make the best of Little Nicky but the screenplay is not really good. Here are some good and bad points about the film. Good points The cast was a good choice The cameo was very funny here is a list of the cameos Lewis Arquette, Dana Carvey, Dan Marino, Ozzy Osbbourine, and lots more and some from previous movies. The move was a little funny mostly from the cameos.

Bad Points The screenplay was really bad. They are trying to find way to make you laugh. Some of the screens did not make any sense.

Overall Little Nicky was one of his bad films that he has made. It will make you laugh a little, mostly from the cameos but I am being nice and giving this film 3 stars it should get 2 but I will be nice to Adam Sandler. I like all his film everyone is entitle to one bad film this is it

© Paul Perkins

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