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Life or Something Like It  

My Rating: 6 The Crowds Rating:NA
Movie:Life or Something Like It
Genre:Romance, Comedy and Drama 1 hr. 44 min
Rated:PG-13 for sexual content, brief violence and language.
Starring:Angelina Jolie, Edward Burns, Tony Shalhoub, Christian Kane, Stockard Channing
Directed by:Stephen Herek
Produced by:Arnon Milchan, John Davis, Chi-Li Wong, Toby Jaffe, Ken Atchity
Written by:John Scott Shepherd, Dana Stevens
Distributor:20th Century Fox

Release Date:April 26, 2002

A reporter has to decide what is important in her life when she is told that she only has one week to live.

Type A personality Lanie Kerrigan played by Angelina Jolie has the perfect life. Her life is a strict routine that has every single item scheduled. The fiance to a baseball star, and a star reporter at a local network, she has everything going for her. Or does she? When she asks a street prophet (Tony Shalhoub) about a job that she is trying to get he foresees her impeding death. Like the pharoah in the bible she hardens her heart to every prophecy that he makes, until they start to come true. When she starts to believe that her death is emminent she takes down a lot of defenses that she has built up, and suddenly tries to focus on what is important to her life. Angelina Jolie does an admirable job as a reporter, but with such a thin story line she can't do much to help the film.

The animosity between her and the camera man (Edward Burns) is as see through as reynolds wrap, but their struggle to understand each other is the best part of the film. Mending fences with family and enjoying some of the things that she has not been able to enjoy (such as ice cream) are partaken of. Will Lanie die on the appointed day or will she find a way to change her prophecy.

The question should be will we really care by the end of the fim what happens to her? The answer is a resounding yes. This is not one of those deep thought provoking films, but a film that takes you along on an enjoyable spring drive. No worries, no earth shattering thought just good fun.

The Director of the film is Stephen Herek who has brought us such films as Mr. Holland's Opus to Rock Star to 101 Dalmations. Quite a repertoire of films under his belt. Surprising that he couldn't bring more out of an ok movie.

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