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Left Behind  

Directed By: Victor Sarin Cast: Brad Johnson, Chelsea Noble, Kirk Cameron, Clarence Gilyard Jr, Gordon Currie, Philip Akin, Neil Crone, Colin Fox, Christie MacFadyen, Jay Manchester, Janaya Stephens, Rated: PG-13 Written By: John Bishop, Alan B. McElroy, Jerry B. Jenkins (novel), Ti LaHaye (novel) Running Time: 92 Mins

I always say you never know when it’s you time to go when god up in heaven say it’s time all you can do in the amount of time you have is to live right. Left Behind centers on a couple of stories center on one big story. One of the stories is about a airline pilot Rayford Steele (Brad Johnson) he is a busy man his career keeps him away from his wife and 2 kids for a long periods of time.

The stress from work is hard on him and his family; he is cheating on his wife. His wife has devotion herself to her church to help her in her life. Another story centers on Cameron “Buck” Williams (Kirk Cameron) a television reporter who is in the middle of an investigative report about a famed scientist Dr Chaim Rosenzweig who breakthrough food growth formula. That would make any type of soil arable. The main story centers on millions of people vanished from the world without a trace. The whole world is in a uproa because know one knows why and how all that is left from the people missing is their clothes. So Cameron is looking into why this has happen but what he doesn’t know the answer is there right in front of him all he has to do is read it and believe in it.

Left Behind was a very good movie and also very interesting because of the message it trying to tell. Here are some good and bad points. Good The story was different and had good meaning. Everyone should listen to the message it trying to tell. The marking of the film was different and good. They release it on video first then the theater. The cast was good you may remember Kirk from a popular TV show he used to be on called growing pains.

There was no bad thing I could think of. Overall Left Behind was a good Christian film it has a good meaning and should make everyone think. Because of what they were telling you in the film because our life on this world is a short one you never know when god will take you. Every go see this film you will not be disappointed.

© Paul Perkins

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