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The Last Broadcast  

A dark and original horror, in the style of a documentary. At the start of the film you are told that everyone in it is not an actor. This is very important, for if you really want to fully appreciate this film you need to believe it was true. Just for the duration.

The direction style is not dissimilar to a "real life crime documentary". However the similarities stop there. The intricacy of the plot is more deep and interesting than any other film I've seen, it's absolute writing genius.

From the first scene of the film portraying the beleaguered 911 call made by one of the characters, you are sucked right in. The four young filmmakers, who unwittingly capture their own demise in the remote pine forests, have a certain naivity and charisma which really makes you empathise with their plight.

The film builds slowly from the start, with piece after piece of evidence being brought into the equation. This makes you ask questions of yourself. How? Why? Who?

Some people may find the documentary style a bit boring and slow, but if you take it for what it is. Which is a very original piece of filmmaking (despite the blair witch project), it is an entertaining and enthralling journey.

Richard Hagan

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