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The Ladies Man  

Leon Phelps better known to the world, as The Ladies Man is the latest in a long line of films to be made out of Saturday Night Live skits. Usually I take this as an indicator of the films destiny to be a total suckfest, but I suspected that the ladies man might be different. You see the Ladies Man sketch is actually funny. At least I think it is, and if it's a funny sketch then it usually turns out to be a funny film. (Blues Brothers Wayne's World -Funny, Night at the Roxbury, Its Pat, and Superstar- NOT FUNNY) A big reason for this is Tim Meadows.

The story focuses on the Leon and his producer Julie. They are fired from their overnight call in radio show due to some offensive (hilarious) on air Language. They have to go out and look for work. Leon becomes desperate for money so he puts forth a plan of action! He sleeps with a random woman and gets a letter from an unidentified woman. She is rich and wants Leon to move in with her. As Leon tracks down his mystery woman he begins to notice that he has feelings for Julie. It is not the most original script in the world but they do pull it off and they do it in a funny way.
Ladies Man, The
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Two of the movies standouts are Billy Dee Williams as Lester, the narrator/bartender that guides us through the tale. Another is Will Farrell who plays Lance. Lance has organized a lynch mob of husbands who's wives have cheated on them with Leon.

The few places where the film falls flat is a scene where Leon challenges Julie's ex fiancée to a gross pickled food eating contest. Leon keeps raising the stakes by eating worse and worse food only to have the other guy eat pickled human feces. It is a low point of the film.

If you are in the mood for a no brainer funny movie, Ladies man is worth seeing. On a 1 to 10, it gets a 7.5

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