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Julian Po  

Christian Slater, Robin Tunney

THE PLOT: Julian Po drifts into small town America where each and every person thinks that he is a villain, and his reason for being there, to murder one of the towns folk. When confronted in a small cafe, Po admits that hs has come to town not kill one of the town's inhabitants, but himself. But it's all a big lie, in fact all he wants to do is get to the seaside.

OK, I'm not the world's biggest Christian Slater fan, but the intriguing plot attracted me to this little movie. But it falls short of the mark....unfortunatley. I mean would this really happen? A guy walks into a small town in middle-America and everyone instantly thinks he's a crook. No. Well, alright I've not been to a small American town, but you guys out there can help me with that right? Anywhay this is beside the point and I have to say that this film bored the shite out of me. It did, infact I plead the film-makers to retitle the movie to Julian Poo. It really is a pile of the aforementioned excrement.

There are these kids that follow Po around this town waiting for him to do it, there is every single person buttering him up and treating him like some god, some saviour.

So let's look at the film redeeming qualities. Um, Slater's alright, um departure from anything he's done previousley, um Tunney looks quite good in a nightie and um I liked the dissolves (you'll see what I mean). In fact the film could work wonders as a stage play (now I've said that it probably was, wasn't it?).

Personally as a movie I would have bumped it up a couple of ratings with a little more nudity and perhaps see Slater bite the bullet and top himself, that way the film would perhaps provide a litttle more interest. As is stands, it is well, quite boring. No, very boring.

After the wonderful black performance Slater gave in Very Bad Things, Julian Po doesn't do him justice. Come on Christian you can do better than this. Sorry the reviews quite short but I really don't want to waste any more space.

Paul Heath

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