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Jaws 3D  

1983 98 mins

dir - Joe Alves

stars - Dennis Quaid - Mike Brody
Bess Armstrong - Kathryn Morgan
Simon MacCorkindale - Philip FitzRoyce
Louis Gossett Jr - Calvin Bouchard
John Putch - Sea

SHOCKING..................................................................LY bad film. The film is set at Sea World in Florida. The people there capture Mrs Jaws's baby which dies and then Mrs Jaws comes and gets revenge on them by attacking the underwater village thing, killing a few people and generally reeking of havoc, but after all this carnage there is at least a happy ending because the two dolphins survived. Stoopid!

The best word to describe Jaws 3 would be lame, it's just garbage. The story is badly scripted, the characters are boring and I think I've seen better special effects on Thunderbirds. All in all it lacks excitement, suspense and all the things that made the first one, and to a lesser extent the second so good. And the shark is absolutely terrible.

The thing about the first one is that we hardly saw the shark, just the suggestion that it was there, lurking below was what gave the movie its edge. Spielberg obviouly knew that if he showed too much of a big mechanical lump of turd moving at two miles an hour people would just laugh at it. The dude that directed this one obviously didn't have a brain and so he tried to show as much of the shark as possible thinking it would scare people. What a loser. You do get to see someone getting eaten from inside the shark though which was pretty good.


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