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Jason X  

Image (c) New Line
Jason X Cast : Melyssa Aide, Lexa Doig, Lisa Ryder, Kane Hodder, David Cronenberg.
Director :
Jim Issac
Written By :
Todd Farmer
Producers :
Noel Cunningham, Sean S. Cunningham (Executive Producer)
Other Known Crew Members:
Toybox (Digital Effects), David Handman (Editor)

Jason X Based On :
The Friday The 13th Movie Series.

It took me until the summer of 2001 to see what came out to be, in my opinion, the worst movie of the year: Jurassic Park III (the only movie I gave an “F” to in 2001). Well, it is only the first month of 2002 and I have seen an “F” movie already: Jason X. Jason X is the tenth movie in the Friday the 13th movies (the “X”, of course, being the Roman numeral not the letter as it could easily be mistaken for perhaps attempting to sound like a “generation-x” movie or something silly of that nature). I have seen a few of the first movies of this infamous slasher series, and I did enjoy them on a cheesy, popcorn horror movie level but this movie is just brutal.

The film takes place, at first in the near future when people can be cryogenically frozen. Jason Vorhees is the subject to some government officials I assumed and instead of getting rid of him somehow, they want to do some testing on him. He goes on a killing spree but does not get one girl for both are frozen. Neither is found until the future (like 2455 I think, really didn’t care so that’s why I can’t remember exactly). Then, in the most unpredictable story twist in the history of cinema (extreme sarcasm) Voorhees goes on a killing spree onboard a futuristic spaceship.

The movie was very boring. I couldn’t stand it to the point where I considered walking out, but instead decided to try to fall asleep. Unfortunately, the movie was a bit too loud to sleep. I have to admit there were two things I was amused by in this movie: (1) A killing involving liquid nitrogen! And (2) A comment about the war known as the “Microsoft Conflict.” But beyond these two miniscule portions of the movie, everything else was unentertaining to a degree which is hard to express in words. I absolutely hated this film (a disgrace to the idea of film).

Please, do not waste time and money on this movie unless you are a die hard slasher movie fan. Only those who enjoyed the Friday the 13th movies, all of them, and the likes of other futuristic slasher flicks such as Leprechaun 4 (I think it was 4, but I enjoyed that much more than Jason X; it was much funnier!). It is difficult to write an intelligent review of such a pile of turd, so my apologies: a bad review for a horrible movie.

My rating: F

1 out of 5

Blair Bass

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