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Janice Beard 45WPM  

I Guess Patsy Kensit has gotten bored with being the Rock Star wife again, so she's back making Movies. Personally I had hoped that she would never make a Movie again and just be a mum to Liam's kid. No such luck. Our Patsy still wants to be a Movie star, well won't help her any in that ambition.

This Movie typifies exactly what is wrong with the British Movie industry, claptrap nonsense that nobody in their right mind wants to pay money and see.

The story is of a woman getting a job in a typing pool to pay for a very expensive treatment for her mothers agoraphobia.

Hmm last I remember typing was a very poorly paid job, either that or in London they must be that in demand that companies pay through the nose.

Rhys Ifans plays the mail deliverer for the typing pool, oh and by the way he's a spy too.

And if that is what the Movie makers think passes for wit, then I am not going to bother wasting air on writing more about this rubbish

Tall Guy

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