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Jackie Chan's 'Who am I?'  

If you aren't a fan of Jackie Chan then don't bother watching this, if you are, then consider your options all the same, for this Chan caper can easily confuse what with its ridiculous and occasionally nonsensical plot, its paper thin characters and its dreadful script, not to mention a peppering of atrocious dubbing! The only redeeming features are the action set pieces and in order to appreciate them fully try to forget the silly plot about Chan losing his memory and jetting around the world to prevent a baddie from using a dangerous mineral (which simply explodes in a barrage of lame SFX in random bursts throughout the movie), just gawp at the incredible stunts, all done by Mr.Chan himself of course, which are some of the his best ones yet. Sadly most of these crop up at the end of the film so if you're hard on time you might be better off keeping that index finger on the fast-forward button. Scenes to look out for are Chan sliding down the face of an enormous glass-panelled skycraper, a bloody drubbing session with a group of thugs using a pair of clogs (you have to see it to believe it!) and an awe-inspiring scene on a rooftop where Chan faces off with a high kicking kung fu expert and a lanky, incredibly bendy (I am reminded of that Indian character Dhalism in the 'Streetfighter' arcade game) baddie on a rooftop building site.

Of course, as is now the norm with every Chan movie, the best bits are in the end credits where we see yours truly putting himself through torture to give the audience a jaw-dropping scene. Standard Chan fare.


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