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Jackie Brown  

148 mins

Dir. Quentin Tarrantino

Stars - Samuel L. Jackson - Ordell Robbie Pam Grier - Jackie Brown Robert De Niro - Louis Gara Bridget Fonda - Melanie Jack Fost - Max Cherry Michael Keaton - Ray Nicolette

The biggest complaint about Jackie Brown is that it was probably a little too long and could have probably done with being about two hours maximum because it was pretty slow during the middle as the story kept ticking along.

The plot : 1) Jackie (Pam Grier) gets caught by the cops bringing money into the country for Ordell (Samuel L. Jackson) 2) at the end about four different people try to screw each other out of the cash and it gets confusing.

It has what you would expect from a Tarrantino film, lots of style, humour among the violence and a mint sound track but it doesn't compare to his previous films The end is worth the wait and the pace picks up again after the money exchange trial run and it all becomes clear in the end with some great scenes in the mall where the whole screw job is cleverly filmed and explained.

De Niro fans will be disappointed that he wasn't in it all that much but the bits that he was in were great, I especially liked the bits with Louis and Mellisa (Brigitte Fonda) where she eventually pisses him off a bit too much. (With hilarious consequences).


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