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Isn't She Great  

There is a bit of a trend in the movies in the movies these last few months and I don't think the makers have realised this. The trend is that there has been so many movie titles that are just so easy to take the mick out of. I mean just how easy is a title like Isn't She Great to rip to pieces. Without even thinking Isn't She Rubbish springs to mind and I'm sure if I gave it a nanosecond of thought I could think of millions of others.
Isn't She Great
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Right, got a bit off track there and back to what this review should be about, the movie. It stars Bette Midler as Jacqueline Susan who wrote Valley Of The Dolls. Yes, I must admit I had never heard of her either. I'm sure some other reviewers kidded on they had but they are lying, all they probably did was crib some stuff up from the press pack. But hey I don't do that (not bitter at not getting a press pack oh no).

Well to sum up this movie it's no better than a bad TV movie and that is no recommendation. Midler turns in a dreary performance of mind numbing dullness. Only Stockard Channing and Nathan Lane have any good lines in this movie. But even then they are few and far between.

Not so much a missed opportunity, more a why bother ?

Tall Guy

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