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Iron Eagle 2  

Aaaaargh, why did I watch this movie? You tell me, oh I know, just in case it was likely to be bad enough to be included in The Z Review.

I quite enjoyed Iron Eagle many years ago round about the time of Top Gun, while it was so obviously just a cash in was still pleasant enough viewing. But this is another story completely.

The Movie starts with two F16 jet pilots trying to outmacho each other by handling as much G Force as they can. Well they manage to get up to 10, an amount I didnt think any person could actually survive without blacking out. I mean it is ten times the force of gravity! Well they do and are so much cooler for it. But oh no while they have been having so much fun they have strayed into Russian territory and they just have to have a dogfight with the Russian jets sent to escort them out. I mean come on, are any highly trained fighter pilots as stupid as that?

Well one of the US jets gets shot down, but the affair is hushed up as the governments want to run a joint mission to destroy a Middle Eastern state facility(never named) who have the temerity to attain nuclear capability. So by this action is it only America and Russia who have the divine right to hold nuclear weapons and if anybody else develops them then they'll blow them up? A bit high and mighty a viewpoint, but the filmmakers would probably explain it away as just a plot device.

So now they need a team for the mission, well which fighter pilots do they choose. Yes you guessed it the American who surviced the insurgence and the Russian who shot down the US jet!

At this point I really really wanted to stop watching this movie, but I kept watching to see if it could get any worse. Well that was about the bottom of the movie, but it didnt get any better.

The usual cliches were followed , they didnt get on, they were only picked because they were expected to fail, they end up getting on , they are dropped from the mission, they go on it anyway and what do you think happened.

Right again they succeeded against all the odds and the mission was a complete success. The Americans and the Russians end up being friends and absolutely no mention of the bad Arabs that they bombed.

So as you have probably guessed by now. DO NOT watch this movie. It is awful, if it comes on the TV and you think oh its on I might as well watch it. Find something else to do. Anything

Tall Guy

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