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I Know What You Did Last Summer  

100 mins

Dir. Jim Gillespie

Stars - Jennifer Love Hewitt - Julie James Sarah Michelle Geller - Helen Shivers Freddie Prinze Jr - Ray Bronson

Is it as good as Scream ? No ! Why ?

Well, it wasn't bad but it didn't have me shouting at the TV telling the dumb asses in the film who the killer was for a start and in my opinion it had too many flaws in it. What I mean by this is that the situations that the victims ended up in weren't as "Oh shit I'm gonna die now" as in Scream. For example, at the end when they're on the boat why the hell doesn't she just jump in the sea and swim back to the dock to safety.

Also what is the point in having the killer as someone we don't know because that takes all the fun out of guessing who it is, and is why, when i'd finished watching Scream 2 I said that it was the second best sequal ever behind the Empire Strikes Back (in hindsight this was probably a load of crap) Worth watching though.


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