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I Dreamed Of Africa  

So they call the Movie I Dreamed Of Africa. But was it a good dream or was it a nightmare ? Just like this Movie, a nightmare!

It is based on a true story of an Italian family in Africa. So because the family is Italian what nationality of people do they get to play them ? French and American. Yes, Hollywood again thinks we won't notice the subtle difference. Fair enough if they had gotten Italian Americans or Italian French then fair enough.

Choosing these two actors as the leads does not work well at all. They have zero chemistry , and considering the premise of the Movie is that they meet and fall in love, it makes it all a bit pointless.

After Kim Basinger's performance in LA Confidential you may have looked forward to her performance in this, but no it is pretty weak and extremely lacking in depth.

If you enjoy a Movie that is full of beautiful African scenery then you might enjoy this. On the other hand if you prefer a good interesting story then don't bother with this.

Tall Guy

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