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If the title is Honest, then why couldn't they have been Honest with us and let us know it is rubbish?

Dave Stewart directed this Movie. Yes, that Dave Stewart from Eurythmics. He hasn't directed anything before you say, well you are dead right on that. So why did anyone let him direct this? I don't know I'm not the producer!

As part of his thinking with making this movie he thought it might be a good idea to get three quarters of All Saints involved. Well that's the only decent idea he has had in connection with this movie.

The story as slight as it is is about three girls thieving in London in the 60's. But to spice things up they thieve dressed up as The Beatles. Bit of a strange decision that seeing as how EVERYBODY recognises the Beatles. If you saw the Beatles walking down the street there would be a riot.

Most of the humour (whether intended or not) misses its mark and is plain just not funny.

Dave Stewart's inexperience as a director is also painfully shown up as well as he never really gets to grip with proceedings or in control of his actor's/actresses.

I think Shaznay did the right thing in avoiding being involved in this.

Tall Guy

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