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Holy Smoke  

Harvey Keitel, Kate Winslet and Director Jane Campion. With talent like this involved you might expect the Movie to be quality.

Sorry, but Kate Winslet is the only one to come out of this Movie without getting singed a little.

The plot of the Movie is about an Australian woman apparently becoming brainwashed by a cult and her familys subsequent attempts to deprogramme her. Harvey Keitel plays the deprogramming counsellor.

What goes wrong with this Movie is that Jane Campion does not focus as much as she should on Winslet & Keitel whose work together on screen is excellent. She instead quite often centres on Winslets family in utterly nonsensical irrelevant scenes.

This serves to lessen the impact of Winslet and Keitel on screen, Keitel does not get to flesh out his role as much as you would want to see.

If Campion had decided to focus on Winslet and Keitel more I would have had no hesitation in recommending going to see this Movie. Winslet yet again has turned in an excellent performance its just a shame the rest of the Movie isn't up to scratch.

Tall Guy

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