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High Fidelity  

Rob Gordon (John Cusack)
Barry (Jack Black)
Laura (Iben Hjejle)
Liz (Joan Cusack)
Dick (Todd Lousio)
Ian (Tim Robbins)

Directed by Stephen Frears Written by John Cusack, Steve Pink, DV DeVincentis and Scott Rosenberg
Rated R for language and sexuality Running Time: 107 minutes Distributed by Touchstone Pictures
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High Fidelity is a funny and very entertaining movie. The film centers around a unique character named Rob Gordon. Rob lives in Chicago and sells music the old-fashioned way, which is as records. Rob spends his days at his store "Championship Vinyl" with his two employees Dick (Lousio) and Barry (Black). As the film opens, Rob's long time girlfriend Laura (Hjejle) leaves him. Now coping with his feelings, Rob examines his failed attempts of love with his own top 5 list of worst breakups ever. As the film moves along through many comedic situations, Rob begins to find himself as a person.

High Fidelity is an original film that breaks down the fourth wall by having Rob talk directly to the audience. This approach works out very well with depth and understanding of the characters and story. High Fidelity is the only other film besides Ferris Bueller's Day Off that works well with its main character talking directly to the audience.

John Cusack, Steve Pink, DV DeVincentis and Scott Rosenberg wrote the admirable script for High Fidelity. The script is based on the novel by Nick Hornby. The script is well written and very amusing. Each subplot and situation connect to deliver a good story of a common man in modern day America. I believe that the writers made a terrific transition of placing the film in Chicago instead of in London, where the story takes place in Hornby's novel. The characters in this film are people I believe that almost anybody can relate to. Rob, Barry and Dick all seemed like people that I have encountered before at music stores. They are fast-talking, know everything about music and request buying all of their favorite music hits. The overall script is simple to follow and gets straight to point of the story.

Stephen Frears does a fabulous job of directing High Fidelity. I believe that directing a film with its main character talking directly to the screen would be difficult, however, Frears makes it look easy. Frears connects all the aspects in this film in a stylish manner.

John Cusack is flat out wonderful as Rob. Rob Gordon might be the best character that Cusack had ever portrayed. Cusack is just so genuine and has terrific connection with ever one of his roles. He is also very flexible and he almost always delivers good work. Jack Black, who I have always found as an annoying actor in all his previous roles, is a hilarious scene-stealer in High Fidelity. Black also expresses his fresh singing talent in the film. Black could become a good comedic actor in Hollywood. Tim Robbins gives a funny performance as Ian, who quickly becomes Rob's enemy because he starts seeing Laura. Finally, Joan Cusack and Iben Hjejle give balanced supporting performances in the film as Liz and Laura. Actresses Catherine Zeta-Jones, Lili Taylor and rocker Bruce Springsteen also make cameo performances in High Fidelity.

High Fidelity is a fun film that will not disappoint. I can see this film becoming a modest hit at the box office due to a good word of mouth. So if you are looking for finally a good comedy to come out this year, High Fidelity is your ticket.

Report Card Grade: B+

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