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Heman Masters Of The Universe  

I saw this with the family when I was little, but not too little to tell when something is crap.

I own mint condition Heman toys, have lots of episodes of the cartoons on tape, and even made my brother dress up like He-man one Halloween so that I could dress up as She-ra.

The movie did not follow Heman lore at all. It sported dumb dialouge (even for the 80's), even dummer looking character garb, and Dolph Lundren (who has only been tolarated when he played a steroid-laced dumb-russian getting his butt kicked by stupid Rocky).

The best part about the cartoon is when Heman yells 'I have the Power.' We have to wait to the very end of the movie to hear this--and to top it off, Lundren does not go from his puny body to the muscle-clad Heman that the cartoon sports (and where is Battlecat?)


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