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Held Up  

Well after seeing this movie I felt like I was Held Up of all my time 90 minutes seeing this bad movie. Held up has one of the hottest African-American actresses in it Nia Long and one of the funniest African American comedy actors Jamie Foxx. Who are both coming off the success of Any Given Sunday (Foxx) and The Best Man (Long) which both was great films which Held Up is not.

The story is about Michael Dawson (Foxx) a successful Chicago businessman on a trip to the Grand Canyon with his beautiful finance Rae (Long). When she finds out that he spent 15 thousand dollars on his new classic car with the money that was meant to be for their new home. She dumps him on the spot and hitches a ride to the airport. So mike is stuck in the middle of the Grand Canyon at a sip and zip gas station with fifty bucks and a 8 track tape.

Then if anything else could go wrong it does his car get stolen by a kid and all mike wants to do is to get to the airport to stop his girlfriend. Jamie Foxx was very funny as he usually is but the story is just so stupid. Don’t get me wrong I did laugh but just on Jamie Foxx scenes. In the movie a little kid thinks he is Puff Daddy and the cops thinks he is Mike Tyson. I was very disappointed in this film I was hopping it was going to be a good film. I like the stars in it but the screenplay lacks something (Plot).

This movie should been straight to video not in the theater. A bad movie one of the years worst next to supernova now right there you know its bad

© Paul Perkins

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