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The Haunting  

Isn't the point of remaking a Movie to enhance what there was there before and maybe sort some of the errors and try and do some new things ? Its definitely not to remake it and completely get everything wrong and get nothing right that the original managed to get right.

Well Jan De Bont has succeeded masterfully in making a complete hash of this remake. Now Jan De Bont has never exactly been a favourite director of mine. I loved Speed but even that drew a very fine line near the end in going too far over the top. A line that he went way over the top with in Speed 2 , a film that will be reviewed in The Z Review just as soon as we can suffer watching it again, so things did not bode well for this but we tried to watch it with an open mind. Little point seening as how it is utter rubbish.

The Movie stars Liam Neeson and Catherine Zeta Jones, Lili Taylor and somebody called Owen Wilson who we had never heard of before. Why any of them agreed to be in this is a complete mystery. Both Liam Neeson and Catherine Zeta Jones's stars have been in the ascendance so this seems like a strange choice for them.

What is basically wrong with this movie is that it is not scary at all. Jan De Bont had never directed a horror movie before and noy it shows, he layers on the flashy effects like there is no tomorrow and never gets to exactly is important in a horror movie.

Tension, without tension, a horror Movie is nothing more than schlock.

I'm not going to waste any more words on this movie as it doesn't deserve them.

Tall Guy

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