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Whatever Happened To Harold Smith?  

Now going by a Movie with the title Whatever Happened To Harold Smith, you would think the movie would be about and centered on a character called Harold Smith wouldn't you?

Well this film is and it isn't. It tends to concentrate on Harold Smiths (played by veteran thespian Tom Courtenany) son Vince Smith.

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Harold Smith has the power to move things with his mind a la Uri Geller (who was rumoured to be getting a part in this movie) but with a small difference. Harold sometimes makes things explode when he moves them.

Now this sounds like enough focus for a movie doesnt it? The premise sounds like a lot of fun but as said earlier for some reason they decide to dedicate more time to his son Vince who is going through the usual things you expect from someone of his age. Ie he thinks he is better than what he is doing at the moment and cannot get the girl he wants. Whats worse is that Vince provides a voiceover for the Movie that is unbelievably irritating.

Because they concentrate on Vince , Tom Courtenay's role is not as fully explored as it should be and comes over as a bit of a waste.

The Movie is a bit of a mess to be honest, you never really know if it is coming or going. The soundtrack doesnt help matters either being a mixture between Punk and Disco that tends to jar and exascerbate matters further.

Overall this is a Movie that had great potential but because they never really decided what to concentrate on has not achieved what it should have and is a bit of a stew.

Oh, and Lulu is in it too, need I say more ?

Tall Guy

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