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Happy Texas  

Harry Sawyer (Jeremy Northam)
Wayne Wayne Wayne, Jr. (Steve Zahn)
Sheriff Chappy (William H. Macy)
Joe (Ally Walker)
Ms. Schaefer (Illeana Douglas)

Directed by Mark Illsley Written by Ed Stone and Phil Reeves
Rated PG-13 for language, sexual content, and some violence
Running Time: 104 minutes Distributed by Miramax
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Happy, Texas is an irritating small town comedy. The biggest annual event in Happy, Texas is the Little Miss Fresh-Squeezed Beauty Pageant. If there is hope of making it to the state finals this year, it's time to bring some professionals: a famous gay couple is hired to direct the show. In cue of these "professionals", no one in town notices that the "boys" (Northam, Zahn) are escaped convicts. With the Texas marshals hot on their trail, Happy seems like a perfect little place to lay low and get down to business by putting on a pageant.

Happy, Texas is a low budget annoyance. The film is just a stupid comedy that is filled with pretty good actors.

Ed Stone and Phil Reeves wrote Happy, Texas. The script is full of cheesy humor. I only laughed at a few moments in Happy, Texas. The writers also tried to bring in drama and romance into the comedic story of Happy, Texas. It was as if the writers were trying to develop another Raising Arizona, but they failed.

The acting ensemble in Happy, Texas is full of respectable actors. William H. Macy is true and established as the town sheriff that has secrets of his own. Jeremy Northam is genuine and tender as one of the escaped convicts, Harry. Steve Zahn is an explosive nutcase, like always, as the other convict. Zahn's first moment in the film is the best scene in Happy, Texas. In addition to, Ally Walker and Illeana Douglas give admirable supporting performances, as the two convicts' love interests.

Happy, Texas is a film that has done well at film festivals over last spring and summer. Also, critics have hailed the film as a great comedy. I did laugh a few times, but overall I found Happy, Texas pestering and senseless.

Report Card Grade: D

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