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Hanging Up  

What word best describes melting snow? Yes you guessed it this movie is utter SLUSH.

We are in super goo territory here . The Movie tells the story of three sisters dealing with the impending death of their father. So, you are probably thinking well there have been hundreds of Movies dealing with the loss of a loved one. Well this Movie has its own U.S.P. Whats a USP you might say, well in Movie speak its a Unique Selling Point, another way of marketing something to us. And in this Movie it is that they are always on the phone to each other. Hence the title. How witty.

Makes the Movie sound awfully exciting doesn't it, people talking on the phone all the time. What a lot of interaction it allows doesn't it.
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Now in a Movie that deals with the forthcoming loss you would imagine they would make an effort in making the characters as "human" as possible. Hell no. All we are given here is a bunch of cliches that have been barely sketched or fleshed out.

Only Walter Matthau who plays the father manages to convey much depth to his character. Shame because the three leads are so capable of so much more. Maybe because this was Diane Keaton's first outing as a director she had too much to think about. But with talent such as Meg Ryan and Lisa Kudrow playing the other two sisters they would have had the ability to do more to support her acting wise.

Guess thats all I want to say, except that the ending feels like it has been bolted on as an afterthought.

Tall Guy

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