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USA 1978 Directed by John Carpenter. Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, Charles Cyphers, Nancy Kyes, P.J. Soles.

"Halloween" is absolutely one of the most popular horror movies that been made. I don┤t think John Carpenter could imagine what he┤s been up to, when he created this little independent shocker. It started the great horror boom in the eighties, and is the mother of all slasher films (Argento made giallo movies). The plot is well-known, but I reels it off anyway. It┤s Halloween night in Haddonfield. Little six year-old Michael Myers stands in the garden outside his home, and looks inside the house. His parents are at a party, and in there has his big sister sex with her boyfriend. When the boyfriend done his share and left for home, goes Michael into the kitchen and bite a big knife. Then he goes upstairs and stabs his sister to death. Michael is commit to a mental hospital, there he is stamped as a hopeless case. Exactly fifteen years later he escapes, and his purpose is clearly as glass. To come home again and kill youths who thinking about sex.
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I remember the first time I saw "Halloween". I was surprised at how well-made it was, and how well-directed all the actors was. I still have these impressions, but that creepy feeling I felt, is lost. Carpenter let us know Michael Myers presence, while we follow the leading characters during a longer period, joyfully without any knowledge. Michael has a certain supernatural character, and can pop up at any time. Though Carpenter can┤t tickle me here in the same way any more, can I still revel in his camera-work and his well-known music.

"Halloween" contains practically no gore at all. It want us to be familiar with the protagonists, so we shall feel sympathy for them. When Michael Myers later on steals upon them, won┤t we something evil should happen to them. There┤s been made many sequels, but it┤s only the second that is near to the original.

Kent Palmgren

Thrilling Movie Review

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