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Also known as the movie that should not have been made, based on the comic stories that should not have been written. (And please note this is a spoof review)

Gun Shark is the movie adaptation of the 'Sinister Dexter' comic stories from the 2000AD comic. The original comic stories were written as a lightweight take on the 'Pulp Fiction' style contract killers and evolved way beyond their entertainment value by trying to add something vaguely resembling a plot and moral ethos.

With such little background to work with the movie comes out as just enough gun slinging buddy movie tucked in alongside all the other gun slinging buddy movies that come out each and every year.

The plot, if you can call it that, involves the two lead characters, Sinister and Dexter shooting people for money, driving around the sprawling future European city of Downlode, getting set up by their crimelord bosses, shooting some people for money, getting chased by the police, shooting some people, uncovering their crimelord bosses nasty plans, shooting some crimelord people and driving off making bad puns.

A side romance between Dexter and one of the female cops looks forced even though it was in the original stories and the strange decision to use 'non offensive' swear words like 'Funt' does not seem to work alongside the masses of bloodletting and gunshot wounds the movie contains.

What are they trying to say anyway? That you may splatter someone's guts over the wall as long as you are polite about it?

Casting was a strange choice. Despite the fact the stories are set in Europe and that one of the main character is Hispanic there is a lot of American actors in the movie, something that ends up reinforcing the fact that this is just another buddy movie instead of giving it the unique feel the movie should have had.

In the end however you just don't care. The villain, despite the scripts best efforts, comes across as much more likeable then either of the heroes. The moral subplot that the gun sharks of Downlode are the good guys that keep the city safe from the villains the cops can't touch falls flat after a while and the silly pun names of every character becomes annoying.

In short, nothing that you haven't seen before, watch Lethal Weapon 8 instead.

Gunshark Da Movie !
Poster Kindly provided by Adrian Bamforth

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