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Grey Owl  

Oh goody, I've waited oh many a year to see a movie like this. I mean what an exciting premise 007 in pigtails!

Gey Owl tells the story of a half-caste American called Archie Grey Owl who is played by Pierce Brosnan and directed by Richard "Dickie" Attenborough. Grey Owl who goes from being a trapper guide to one of the world's most foremost vconservationists. But hey we are in luvvy movie here so no hard hitting story oh no we need a twist, Grey Owl has a deep dark secret....

Oh no I'm not gonna reveal that secret just yet, wait for it. Pierce Brosnan is Irish and whatever way you are gonna look at this there is no way he sounds like or likes like an American Indian. Instead it looks more like Roger Moore would do dressing up in a disguise as Bond. Yes, that cheesy. But why IS Brosnan in thsi movie, well after Bond, he is quite a big name star and big name star's do help projects get made. Attenborough was apparently having trouble getting Grey Owl made so if Brosnan comes on board and helps you get the money what do you say, you don't say oh you're probably not right for this part, oh no you let him do it and see if he can carry it.

And this is what is wrong with this movie, it is just plain old dull. Lovely scenery, lovely filming and everything is handled with reverence as if it was a treasured book instead of a subject for a movie, the central part of the word movie being MOVE, which is something this movie doesn't.

Richard Attenborough obciously holds the subject material with the most reverence as it is fault that the movie never really gets into and involved in the subject matter, instead glossing over it with a tint of polish.

If you fall asleep at this movie, don't be surprised it won't be because you're tired it's because it's boring

Tall Guy

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