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Galaxy Quest  

Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen)
Gwen DeMarco (Sigourney Weaver)
Alexander Dane (Alan Rickman)
Fred Kunan (Tony Shalhoub)
Guy Fleegman (Sam Rockwell)
Tommy Webber (Daryl Mitchell)

Directed by Dean Parisot Written by Robert Gordon and David Howard
Rated PG for some action violence, mild language and sensuality
Running Time: 102 minutes Distributed by Dreamworks

Galaxy Quest is a wacky and fun comedy. For four years, the courageous crew of the NSEA protector donned their uniforms and set out on dangerous missions in space- then their TV series was cancelled. Now, twenty years later, the five stars of the series "Galaxy Quest" are still in costume making appearances at sci-fi conventions for money. Then one day a group of aliens, who have mistakenly intercepted television transmissions of "Galaxy Quest" as historical documents, arrive at one of the conventions. The aliens whisk " Commander Peter Quincy Taggert" (Allen) and his crew into space to help them in their all-too-real war against a deadly adversary. With no clue about space travel or space combat, the actors must become the heroes the aliens believe them to be.

Galaxy Quest is original and creative spoof of the Star Trek television series. The film reminded me a lot of the previous spoof film this year Mystery Men.

The script for Galaxy Quest is structured around many inside jokes about Star Trek. If you do not know much the Star Trek characters or the episodes, you might find this film very stupid. However, I have followed the Star Trek series for nearly 15 years. So, I found the film and the script very amusing.

The acting in the film is suitable for the characters in the film. Tim Allen is Jason Nesmith, who is the Captain Kirk of the crew. Allen delivers one of his better performances in Galaxy Quest. Sigourney Weaver is Gwen Demarco, who is the sex image of the TV series. Galaxy Quest is one of the few comedies that Weaver has ever done. However, Weaver does shine as always. Alan Rickman also gives a terrific performance as Alexander, who is the Spock character of the TV series.

Galaxy Quest is a well-made film by director Dean Parisot. Parisot blends creative originality with effective computer generated effects and brilliant makeup creature effects. Parisot does make sure that the story does not get lost in all the effects, like I have seen with many science fiction films.

I really could see Galaxy Quest doing well at the box office because it is a film for everybody to enjoy. Bring the whole family, or all your friends to see it, because the best aspect about Galaxy Quest is that it is fun.

Report Card Grade: B

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