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Frank Sullivan (Dennis Quaid)
John Sullivan (Jim Caviezel)
Satch (Andre Braugher)
Gordo (Noah Emmerich)
Mrs. Sullivan (Elizabeth Mitchell)

Directed by Gregory Hoblit Written by Toby Emmerich
Rated PG-13 for intense violence and disturbing images
Running Time: 118 minutes Distributed by New Line Cinema
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Frequency is a clever and exciting fantasy thriller. Ever since he was a kid, John Sullivan (Caviezel) dreamed of being able to stop a tragedy, which took his life of his heroic fire-fighting father, Frank Sullivan, in 1969. This tragedy has left John in a motion of anger and loneliness throughout his adult life as a cop in the 1990s. One day before the anniversary of his father's death, in the midst of the spectacular storm known as the aurora borealis, John Sullivan in the house he inherited finds his father's old radio and begins playing with it. Through the electric static, John finds himself talking to a man who claims to be a firefighter in 1969. At first, neither can believe it, but soon John is carrying on an all night conversation with his young father. Now John realizes that he may be able to change his life by altering the past.

Frequency is a smart and entertaining film that doesn't rely on special effects or big name actors to carry it; it relies on its story. The film is sort of like a blend of Back to the Future and Backdraft.

Toby Emmerich wrote the script for Frequency. Overall, Emmerich's script is sharp and quick. Each subplot in the script ties in effectively to the film's story and climax.

Gregory Hoblit directed Frequency very stylishly. The only other previous film I know that Hoblit directed was Primal Fear. Like his work in Primal Fear, Hoblit will keep your eyes glued to the screen. I liked how Hoblit presented many things in the film with symbolism. Hoblit also used terrific transitions to jump back and forth from the past to the present. The only aspect I thought look real cheesy in the film was the makeup. However, the makeup can not all be blamed on the director. It just looked funny with Andre Braugher, who plays John's police mentor, looking like Red Foxx with all the fake looking makeup caked on him. The producers should have considered hiring Rick Baker to the makeup in this film. Rick Baker has won many Oscars for his makeup work. A few of his credits include Men in Black, Life and An American Werewolf in London.

Dennis Quaid is good in the film and he holds his northern accent as the lovable father Frank Sullivan. The standout of this film is Jim Caviezel, who plays John. Caviezel broke through two years ago with a brilliant performance in The Thin Red Line. He continues to show fabulous flexibility and range with his acting in Frequency. I am just going to say one more thing about Caviezel; he has the potential to make it big. Andre Braugher also gives a very likeable performance as police detective, Satch. I have always and still believe that Braugher is one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood. He has always created strong emotion and deep characters that I love. Some of his previous roles are in City of Angels, Glory, Homicide: Life on the Street on television and TNT's Passing Glory. He will defiantly be around for awhile.

I can see Frequency becoming a crowd-pleasing hit at the box office. It is a film that is pretty much for everyone except young children. If you are looking for a film with everything in it from thrills, to family relationships, to entertainment, see Frequency.

Report Card Grade: B+

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