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The French Connection  

1971 104 mins

dir - William Friedkin

stars - Gene Hackman - Popeye Doyle Roy Scheider - Buddy Ruso Fernando Ray - Alain Charnier

Two cops Popeye Doyle (Hackman) and Buddy Russo (Scheider) attempt to foil a drug smuggling operation in this brilliant film adapted from the novel by Robin Moore. Popeye is the unconventional, hard ass cop played perfectly by Gene Hackman who is determined to stop the crooks and goes to great lengths to do so and this includes what is rightly regarded by most people as the greatest ever screen car chase.

The film's other major highlight was an excelent piece of filming in the scene in the subway when Popeye was trying to tail the French top dog in the whole smuggling operation Alain Charnier (Fernando Ray) and is probably one of my favorite film moments. The plot of the film never thins and the rest of the movie is full of other great moments which makes it a must see film.


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