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Freddy Got Fingered  

Directed By: Tom Green Cast: Eddie Kaye Thomas, Tom Green Rated: R Written By: Tom Green Running Time: 90 Mins

Well I never though I would say this. The gross out comedies are getting out of controlled and the man who did it this time is Tom Green. In Freddy got Fingered Gord Brody (Tom Green) is 28 years old who lives with his parents. Who doesn’t hold a job and who don’t do anything but ride his skateboard and drive his parents nuts.

He is an overgrown boy with a wild sense of imagination. So Gord knows he needs a job so he gets one in a cheese factory. But his true passion is drawing he wants to be a animator. So he quit his job that makes his dad mad. Because his dad wants him to grown up and movie out. But Gord won’t budge and the two embark on an all out war that they will never forget.

Well I have seen a Tom Green show before it was funny a little gross but funny. But compare to this movie Freddy Got Fingered it make his show look like child play. I have every seen in a long time and guess what it was one of the worst films ever. Everyone you know me I am not like most critics I like a lot of different type of movies. Esp. gross out comedies. I like There Something About Mary that the film that started it all. But Freddy Got Fingered destroys the genre of gross out film. Hollywood should look at the past film. Esp. this one and see where they went wrong and go back to old school movie like There Something About Mary did.

Let me tell you what I like and dislikes about the film. Good The wheelchair girlfriend was very funny. The young boy who gets hurt a lot was funny. There was couple of cameos in the film. The idea of the film was good.

Well here is the bad. Bad It was too gross. Enough is Enough with this types of films go back and do the films like before. The horse scene was so stupid and gross. Why would any one want to see it. Just when you think Tom Green can’t top the Horse Screen well guess what he does. This time is a Elephant it made the screen in scary movie look like child says. I like the boy’s gags. But they at the end of the film got very stupid with the boy they couldn’t leave a good thing along. Even so the idea of the film I like. They put too much stupid things in the film to make it bad.

Overall Freddy Got Fingered was one of the Worst films Ever and I cannot see anyone paying eight dollars to see this film and to like it. I think most people who will see it will walk out of the theater. This is one to miss wait for it to come on video it will be cheaper if you really have to see it.

© Paul Perkins

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