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For Love Of The Game  

A Baseball love Movie starring Kevin Costner, now who would you think would be the best director for a project like this. Oh I know why don't we use the director of The Evil Dead Movies, that sounds like an excellent idea doesn't it?

No, I didnt think so either. And saying that, it is becoming increasingly hard to find a good Kevin Costner Movie. The last one I remember enjoying much was Message In A Bottle but even that was a bit soggy.

Raimi admittedly does well with the baseball scenes. Costner plays a nearly retired baseball player about to play his last ever game and has an amazing last game in which he attempts to pitch a perfect game.

Its just the rest of the movie that doesn't work. It's just bland bland bland. Costner has done this kind of role so many times before but this time he appears to have had a complete charisma bypass. Kelly Preston , the love interest doesn't help matters much either as her acting just as bland and their is very little chemistry betwen them.

If you are a Costner fanatic you will probably eke out some enjoyment from this Movie. Others will just find it tedious.

Tall Guy

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