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Fantasia 2000  

As was allegedly originally intended, Fantasia returns with one classic segment intact (Mickey in the Sorcerer's Aprentice) alongside several new pieces.

Those familiar with Fantasia will know the score; famous classical pieces of music are accompanied with various animated sequences. I saw this on the IMAX which was an amazing experience, as you are totally immersed in the often beautiful artwork and animation.

It has also been released at the cinema, which I'm sure will be almost as good, but I advise everyone to try and find an IMAX version. I can't really remember the original well enough to compare them, but I certainly enjoyed this version a great deal.

Although there are a few slightly too Disney like moments (the Donald Duck does Pomp and Circumstance sequence wavers a bit), on the whole this is an outstanding film with some superb music (Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue is one of my all time favourites) along with some stunning artwork (especially the finale - The Firebird Suite, which is breathtaking).

Stay away if you weren't a fan of the original though, as it's basically the same thing.


David Brook
Dave's Film Page

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