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Face/ Off  

1997 138 mins

dir - John Woo

stars - John Travolta - Sean Archer/Castor Troy Nicholas Cage - Castor Troy/Sean Archer Joan Allen - Dr. Eve Archer Alessandro Nivola - Pollux Troy

Castor Troy has planted a bomb somewhere in LA and only he and his brother, who invented know where it is. Castor is injured and goes into a coma after being persued by Sean Archer into an aircraft hanger and the rest of his gang are captured. The cops try to find out where the bomb is by questioning them all but no one will talk. So some bright spark in the FBI comes up with the idea of transplanting The Cage's face onto Travolta's so that he can go into the prison and get the info from Castor Troy's brother.

It obviously all goes wrong or else there wouldn't be a film. The Cage wakes up from his coma and puts Travolta's face onto his head and goes after him and starts to get revenge on Travolta by living his life for him while Travolta's stuck in prison He does get out of prison obviously which results in two hours of excellent film as they both try to kill each other.

It's a top idea for a film and both leads pull it off perfectly, Travolta was slightly more believable as The Cage than the other way around but they were both good. There was also plenty of over the top action as you would expect from a John Woo film with speedboat chases thrown in so as not to disappoint. There is also a stand- off, a-la Resevoir Dogs that involved about eight people which made me laugh. "Ooohhhh, what a predicament."

It is definitely a film that you can watch multiple times and never get bored because it has so much going on it. In fact I might watch it again tommorrow. And anyway The Cage is in it so it's obviouly class.


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