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Evil Dead II  

1987 85 mins

dir - Sam Raimi

stars - Bruce Campbell - Ash Sarah Berry - Annie Knowby Dan Hicks - Jake Kassie DePaiva - Bobbie Joe

Ash goes to spend the weekend with his girlfriend but soon finds out that they are not alone and soon finds her possessed by undead spirits. This begins a reign of terror and he has to defend himself against zombies, killer trees, evil spirits and his possessed hand.

Evil Dead 2 is just a completely insane and hilarious film. It's more of a spoof horror film than an attempt at straight, serious horror but this is what makes it so good. Some of the one liners in it are boardering on comedy genious and the special effects and make-up mean the monsters are sweet. It's a very fast paced film with the camera going at a hundred miles an hour, going upside down and shaking all over the place most of the time and there was no let up in either the horror or the comedy. Bruce Campbell gives a great performance.

There are so many good bits in it but I particularly liked the bit where Ash turns into a Commando type guy when he is getting ready for the climatic showdown. The bit near the start where he gets chased from the woods and through the house in double quick time was cool as well. Oh and his chainsaw arm was funny. And the bit with the eyeball. And the Farewell to arms joke. The ending is like a horror version of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

There was an interesting bit in it when Ash is looking at himself in the mirror but then his image comes out of the mirror and starts strangling him. But we then see that Ash is actually strangling himself. Remind you of Fight Club? Well maybe it is just a coincidence but it got me wondering anyhow.

A bit of extra and pretty useless information is that the director Sam Raimi has directed The Gift with Keannu Reeves and Spiderman which is due out in 2002. It's a bit of class, the type of movie that you should put on for someone that hasn't seen it and just say, "Check this out."


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