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Essex Boys  

Oh how I love it when I can sum a movie up in one sentence: A British Usual Suspects Rip Off.

The only problem is that when I do that it makes for an awfully short review. OK I suppose I better give you a bit more information on it then. But trust me when I say it will not make you want to go and see this movie any more than it might have already.

This movie stars Sean Bean in a fiction movie that follows on from a true life incident. The real incident being the discovery by Police of a Landrover in a wood with three bodies.

The movie borrows (or is that steals?) much of the tricks and devices from the vastly superior The Usual Suspects. Hell, not content with borrowing from The Usual Suspects, they have to steal a good chunk of Goodfella's as well. IE new guy gets dragged into criminal antics and his struggle to extricate himself from that.

Now I have nothing wrong with borrowing from other movies. But if they had had the decency to add soemthing to that or twist it about a bit. But no they singularly fail to do that.

If Alex Kingston (E.R. and Moll Flanders) was not in this movie then I would have had nothing to recommend about it at all. She however turns in a good peformance. The rest of them however....

Tall Guy

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