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ESPN‘s Ultimate X-The Movie  

With exhilarating fun, ESPN’s Ulitimate X brings you amazing highlights from their 2001 Summer X Games exclusively in IMAX and large format cinemas.

From skateboarding, BMX biking to Moto X and street luge competitions, you get to see some of the most incredible stunts and tricks ever seen on film. To add to the spectacle the film is shown on a giant screen several times larger than normal and makes you feel like you are almost inside the movie.

Ultimate X is shot documentary style, moving from sport to sport and intercut with some of the top athletes in their respected fields giving their thoughts and feelings about why they do what they do. Even though the competitors may enjoy being seen as rebels, they are also funny and show a strong camaraderie nonetheless. At least in this movie.

Whether you are familiar with such stars as skateboarders Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist and Buck Lasek, BMX stunt riders T.J. Lavin, Dave Mira, Cory “Nasty” Nastazio, Ryan Nyquist, and Mat Hoffman, and Motorcycle riders Travis Pastrana, Brian Deegan, and Carey Hart, or not, they will shock you with their dangerous but awesome maneuvers.

Director Bruce Hendricks nicely captures the action and the daredevil personalities while keeping the film moving in a brisk pace. To add to the extreme footage is a jamming soundtrack full of music from such artists as Black Sabbath, Cypress Hill, P.O.D., Moby and the Foo Fighters.

So if you are looking for an adrenalin rush that sure to wake you up with its thrills and spills then Ultimate X is your ticket to ride.

Touchstone - 4 Stars

Gil Benzeevi

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