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Enough-Columbia Pictures-3.5 Stars

Slim ( Jennifer Lopez) is a waitress who marries a rich guy and for a short time afterwards lives the American dream. Big house, nice car and supposedly a loving husband. That is until after she has her baby and she finds out her husband Mitch (Bill Campbell) is cheating on her.

When she confronts him about his infidelity, Mitch basically tells her that not only should she accept his adultery but also that he basically owns her. When Slim complains, he punches her really hard and warns her never to leave him.

As soon as she can, Slim grabs her daughter Gracie (Tessa Allen) and runs away. It doesn’t take long for Mitch to catch up with her. Before he can hurt her she manages to escape. With his connections to the police department and vast resources Mitch is able to chase his wife and find her using his goons to intimidate anybody that comes in his way. But every time he gets close to grabbing her, Slim gets away.

After several close call, Slim decides to stop running away and start fighting back. She cuts her hair and takes martial arts lessons as she plans her counterattack.

If the story sounds familiar it is because it reminds you of such movies as Sleeping With The Enemy, Karate Kid and Rambo. Although not original or realistic, Enough does deliver the goods when it comes to creating good suspense.

Director Michael Apted moves the story along in a brisk pace filling the screen with plenty of tension, terror and anxiety.

By the way if you want to see Noah Wyle play a really bad guy who is nothing like the character he plays on the television show ER than this is the movie to see.

Enough is a very well made genre thriller that shows that even without bringing anything new to the table you can still pack a lot of entertainment value by applying great skills to old formulas that have proven themselves in the past.

Gil Benzeevi

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