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The English Patient  

1996 162 mins dir - Anthony Minghella stars - Ralph Fiennes - Almasy Kristin Scott Thomas - Katherine Clifton Juliette Binoche - Hana Willem Dafoe - Caravaggio

After being nominated for 12 Oscars it won 9 and I suppose it deserved some of the acclaim that it received. The story is adapted from Michael Ondaatje's novel and is about a Hungarian Count, Laszlo Almasy (Ralph Fiennes) who has been badly disfigured by fire and now temporarily resides in a Tuscan monastery where Hana the nurse (Juliette Binoche) looks after him as the second world war continues all around them. Here he reflects on the pre-war affair that he had with the wife of one of his comrades (Kristin Scott Thomas) with the story constantly changing between the two times as the film progresses. A thouroughly enjoyable film.


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