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End Of Days  

Jericho Cane (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
Christine York (Robin Tunney)
The Man (Gabriel Byrne)
Chicago (Kevin Pollak)
Father Kovak (Rod Steiger)

Directed by Peter Hyams Written by Andrew Marlowe
Rated R for intense violence, gore, strong sexuality, language
Running Time: 134 minutes Distributed by Universal
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End of Days is an entertaining action-thriller blockbuster. When the ultimate personification of evil is released upon the world, Jericho Cane (Schwarzenegger), an ex-cop is unwittingly drawn into a supernatural game of cat and mouse. As the end of days approaches, all that stands in the way of mankind's destination is the salvation of one woman, Christine (Tunney), whose life comes to rest in the protection of Jericho Cane.

End of Days is an enjoyable big-budget film. Also, End of Days is finally an end of the millenium film that delivers.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a likeable hero that audiences will be routing for in End of Days. End of Days is Schwarzenegger's first film since the dreadful Batman and Robin. Schwarzenegger's presence and own attitudes contribute effectively to his acting. In fact, Jericho Cane is the most dynamic character that Arnold Schwarzenegger has ever portrayed. He doesn't just go around blowing up everything; he has a background and many different personal problems. For the first time, audiences will really see Schwarzenegger act brilliantly. Robin Tunney is admirable as Christine, who is the salvation of the film that Jericho must protect. Kevin Pollack adds nice humor to the film as Jericho's partner, Chicago. In addition to, Gabriel Byrne is mysterious and dark as Satan himself.

Andrew Marlowe wrote End of Days. Once again, Marlowe delivers the best-written end of the millenium film this year. As Hollywood tries to bang end of the millenium films this fall, End of Days stands alone as the only good one. Marlowe's sequencing is nice, but there are only few flaws in the script. Jericho Cane is established and developed very well, but Christine isn't. Christine is the center of the whole story, but she lacked depth and development. The audiences are left asking why her? Why was she chosen as Satan's mate to end the world? This was a huge concept that hurt the film along with a few cheesy moments. Overall, I did like Marlowe's script.

Peter Hyams directed End of Days pretty well. Hyams previous film, The Relic was a terrible movie. However, Hyams bounces back with End of Days. Hyams does throw in a lot of gore and action into his films, but he doesn't use as many cheesy computer effects as he has in the past. Hyams really only uses computer effects at the very end of the film.

End of Days is pure entertainment that I believe will click with adult audiences. People want to see a good popcorn movie around this time of the year, and having Arnold Schwarzenegger in it is a plus.

Report Card Grade: B

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