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Drowning Mona  

Drowning Mona is a pointless and horrific dark comedy. Nothing much really ever happens in the little town of Verplanck. There are more landscapers than land and everyone drives a Yugo. Then one day, the mean and grumpy Mona Dearly (Midler) drives her Yugo into the river to her death. The whole incident looks like an accident, but in fact her death wasn't an accident. Somebody in Verplanck wanted Mona dead. Now, Police chief Wyatt Rash (DeVito) has a duty to find out who killed Mona. However, Wyatt begins to learn that everyone in town had something against Mona Dearly. Wyatt keeps asking himself, " Who would want Mona dead?" the answer is everybody.

Drowning Mona is a once again another failed dark comedy that had no purpose of ever being made. The movie becomes a complete waste of the distributor's money and my time.

Peter Steinfeld wrote the script for Drowning Mona. Steinfeld's attempt is a pure failure. I just could not find anything funny in this film. Also, the characters were stale, the story itself was winded and became a complicated tornado of who killed Mona.
Drowning Mona
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The acting ensemble in Drowning Mona has many good actors in bad roles. Danny DeVito, who is usually always good, becomes boring as Wyatt. It seemed that DeVito rode around in his Yugo the whole time he was on the screen. Neve Campbell seemed very out of place in Drowning Mona as Wyatt's daughter, Ellen. Bette Midler gives an overly done embarrassment of a performance as the titles character Mona. This is probably Midler's worst performance ever, which is suprising, because she has always been an effective actress. The real headache of this movie is Casey Affleck. I don't have any idea of why anyone would want to consider this guy as an actor. (Probably because of his brother Ben's reputation) Affleck's performance as Bobby is really elementary. I already give him a worst actor of the year nomination.

Drowning Mona is a really bad film that has no motive or anything going for it at all. I quickly became tired of seeing the characters in the movie, the Yugos in the movie, and most all the movie itself.

Joseph C (Beastman) Tucker

Copyright, 2000 Joseph C. Tucker, reprinted with kind permission.

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